Trip Inclusions – South Padre Island, Texas

4, 5, 6 or 7 night’s accommodations

  • Either a sweet 1, 2, or 3 bedroom condo or a beachfront 3 star or better beachfront hotel located on South Padre Island. We don’t have age restrictions on our check in’s, either.

Dine Out Meal Plan

  • You HAVE to eat so why not take advantage of our complimentary 2 sit down meals per day per person Meal Plan at various local restaurants. $2 tip/tax not included per meal

Onsite Discount Program

  • 30+ discounts with our Inertia wristband. As Inertia is a Company based on South Padre Island, we dial you in with our locals status hookups and deals for traveling with us.

Ability to add Airfare –OR- Party Bus

  • Need a way to get down to South Padre Island? Want to have all of your group travel together? We can arrange that for you via luxury motorcoach or airlines.

Inclusive of all Fees

  • Wristband/Deposits/Taxes included in the price. No surprise cleaning, administration, booking fees or deposits. The price we quote has all of that included. Pay this…then pay no more.

Spring Break Survival Kit

  • Goodies, freebies & swag from our Corporate Sponsors. Every single Inertia Tours traveler gets a swag bag full of samples and information about what is going on while you’re on vacation.

Welcome Party & Orientation Briefing

  • We’re all about fun and safety. Inertia Tours gives you the rundown on what’s going on, how to have a ton of fun safely, and how to avoid issues. Valuable information goes a LONG way And while you wait for your check in, we include a welcome pool party at the Hilton Beach with deals on drinks and lunch PLUS all of our sponsors giving stuff away

Onsite Staff & Office

  • Inertia Tours is the only Spring Break travel provider based on South Padre Island with a staff of over 50 people ready to service your needs with an office open to the public.

Ability to add Exclusive Red Carpet VIP Party Package

  • Inertia Tours produces the largest student travel vacation packages ANY night of your trip or your money back. Get the Party Package to make sure you’re partying like a Rockstar with us. After all, Rockstar Energy sponsors our entire party program

Trips Officially Sanctioned & Sponsored by the City of South Padre Island, Texas

  • Inertia Tours is the only travel provider officially sanctioned and sponsored by the City of South Padre Island. Why? Our Tourism Bureau understands the importance of college students to The local economy, and that Inertia has the best marketing & package for students looking to travel here for spring break