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Join our onsite spring break staff

Inertia hires two specific, and very different onsite staffs for its spring break program on South Padre Island. The staffs consist of either the Hospitality Staff or the Promo Sales Staff. We are currently not hiring onsite staff for any other destination.
These staff positions are available for the (3) middle weeks of March during the bulk of our spring arrivals here on South Padre Island, Texas. We require a minimum commitment of 21 days in order to apply for these positions.
Staffing for Inertia Tours is intense, hard work. It is not a paid vacation nor an opportunity for you to party like a rockstar. That’s why we sell vacations – for people to experience this first hand. Why would you staff spring break for Inertia Tours?

  • Ability to live on a tropical island still within the USA
  • This IS spring break – work & breath in the world’s wildest party environment
  • Build your resume and your character – this is super hard work. Succeed here, and every other every ohter job will seem easy.
  • Make friends with literally thousands of new people
  • Meet & greet our VIPs & celebrity hosts
  • Learn the travel business first hand
  • Work with young adults in an exciting industry

Promo Sales Staff

Our Promo Sales staff consists of dedicated sales people This staff sells the Inertia Tours Red Carpet VIP Party Package tickets and the party yacht cruise to non-inertia travel clients here on south padre island looking for something fun to do.
This is a direct, face to face sales position involved in the sale of event tickets to people you do not know. If you are afraid to meet/greet strangers or sell in a face to face way you’ll struggle. Have you never sold but are outgoing/energetic & would like to learn sales? Full training is provided.
We don’t want to scare off good salespeople, either – but the thing to remember is this is not a promo position like bars hire for where you stand behind a table & hand out junk trinkets. You are selling something of value that people WANT to buy as Inertia Tours throws without question the wildest & largest spring break parties in the United States.
The product, as well as the sales/marketing material is first rate. Our Company has over a decade of experience backing you up as a salesperson, as well as Better Business Bureau, local onsite off staff, and the Chamber of Commerce backing here on South Padre Island. This adds distinct credibility to what you are selling.
Housing (double occupancy same sex roommate) in staff houses and condos, and 2 meals per day on our student meal program are included. This is a commission only position. After 23 days of employment, Inertia reimbursing you 100% for your gas here & back. A car is required to be effective at this job. Typical sales people earn $250 to $500 per week in cash, with our top producers earning over $1000/week.
As reality show/network taping is involved, you are required to be willing to sign a release allowing yourself to be filmed while working for us.

Characteristics you’ll need:

  • Outgoing & fun
  • Desire to meet a lot of new people & work with young adults in college
  • Ability to work independently without supervision. We can’t babysit
  • The ability to separate work from play.
  • Willingness to “talk to anyone”
  • Desire to learn sales & sell fun

Onsite Interns Staff

Inertia can structure an onsite internship for you in the month of March. We currently have the following areas for interns to work onsite:


  • Assistant customer service management interns for our office onsite
  • Photography/website picture person/manipulation
  • General onsite staff Any
  • Assistant Manager Trainees for (2) different Vice Presidents Any

Preferred Major:

Business related



We can custom build an internship for credit (or not) for working out of our onsite office. Interns are paid a stipend of $140/week, housing & 2 meals per day are included. Full training (this is an internship) and full time work is a given. After completion of internship Inertia reimburses your gas down if you drove, or up to $300 for your flight.
A short resume/cover letter will be required after your short application below is filled out in addition to a phone interview.



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