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This FAQ answers our most Frequently Asked Spring Break Questions.

Faqs @ Spring Break Mafia

Faqs @ Spring Break Mafia
What is the required paperwork?
These forms are due a minimum of (21) days prior to your arrival at your destination by ALL group members traveling. Click on the below forms to simply print off your computer. You may either fax them to us 888 344 4087 OR scan in & email (info@inertiatours.com), or send via US Postal Service Read More
I keep seeing these websites with free drinks, free meals, or free happy hours, can you explain?
Ok, if you book with Inertia Tours, you are guaranteed to receive our Meal Plan for South Padre Island, Texas. Ski doesn’t include meals, nor does Panama City Beach. Cancun & Puerto Vallarta you will generally be on all inclusive. If not, a meal plan is included. What this means is, you get 2 Read More
What does “All-Inclusive” mean vs. “EP” (European Plan) / Standard Room?
Depending on your destination choice, we may have an All-Inclusive hotel room option, a Standard room option (sometimes called an EP or European Plan Room), or you may have a choice between the two. With an All-Inclusive hotel room option, the cost of your trip includes all meals & drinks right Read More
I am really looking for the lowest priced trip, and am running across “low price guarantees” – are these legit?
Well to start with, make sure you are really comparing the same thing – appearances can be deceiving. As an educated student that has proven their ability to use intelligence be a smart shopper, we think guaranteeing a “lowest price” as a corporation can not only be fairly insultin Read More
How can I make sure that once I pay you all this money, I will get my trip as promised?
Well, there are a few ways to insure this, beginning with the fact that you can use your major credit card to pay for the trip with our company. Remember, if you are using your credit card to pay for this trip, and they pay us your money – they risk the fact that you … Read More
Besides the cost of the total cost of the trip I see in your reservation system or quote emails, what other costs or fees might arise?
Trip Cost / Prices of a Trip Inertia Tours reserves the right to price its trips subjectively, based on a number of factors such as market demand, availability, and trip component costs. We can change the price of our trips at anytime; however, it is important for you to understand as our client tha Read More
What airlines do you use?
Inertia Tours reserves the right to use many different charter and scheduled airlines, including, but not limited to: Continental, Delta, Sun Country, Air Jamaica, American, Transmeridian Airlines, Champion Airlines, Miami Air International, Ryan Air, Southwest, and North American Airlines. All char Read More
Can I guarantee a Saturday flight or specific dates of travel?
Yes you can. With Inertia, we charge a flat $75 extra per person due at the time of your initial booking to guarantee specific dates / days of departure & arrival. Our standard trips with airfare have (at our discretion) a Friday to Friday, Saturday to Saturday, or Sunday to Sunday departure &am Read More
Will I have a non-stop, or direct flight?
Maybe. We cannot guarantee a direct flight on any of our packages, as connections are usually required. Read More
What if I miss my flight?
If you miss your flight on the initial departure leg, you will need to contact the airline immediately and try to fly standby on another flight – we cannot assist you at our office. Also, you will need to check, double check, & reconfirm your departure flight – many times missing you Read More
What if my flight is delayed?
Well, how long is the delay? If it’s a matter of hours…relax. Flight delays are unfortunate, but are an inherent risk in air travel. Generally, one of two things delays flights – weather (an act of God, he/she does love to make it snow in March) or mechanical failure (which gets re Read More
Can I just purchase the airfare from you with no accommodations, or the opposite, just purchase the accommodations with the package and get my own flight?
Yes, Inertia Tours offer both an air-only option to our destinations or as a hotel-only package option if you would like to purchase your own flight. Please call us toll free 800 821 2176 800 821 2176 if you would like to do this (particularly if you are adding onto, or traveling with a group &helli Read More
When and how do I get my tickets?
E-Tickets & check in information are not made available for you to download on our website & print off, nor are they emailed to you until full & final payment has been made by all group members. Additionally, Inertia Tours requires signed, paper copies of two other travel documents, whic Read More
Will I receive monthly bills or invoices, and when is my final payment due?
No, you will not. The initial person who makes the first down payment deposit will be labeled as your Group Leader, and they will receive a detailed invoice & trip information within (48) hours via our automated reservation system. No paper invoice is sent out – everything is handled using Read More
What is the drinking age for your trips?
Mexico & Jamaica: Officially, it is 18 years of age, but it is rarely enforced. Domestic US Destinations: 21 years of age, although on our South Padre Island, Texas & Panama City Beach, Florida vacation packages, you only need to be 18 years of age to enter the clubs at night. A valid State- Read More
Do I have to be in High School or College to go on your trip?
No, anyone is welcome to come. If you are a parent interested in traveling, we do recommend you call our office and speak directly with Chad Hart, the President of our Company for specific resort property recommendations at 800.821.2176 ext. 101, or email him at chad@inertiatours.com. You are more t Read More
How much spending money should I take?
Well, this is very individual question, as it is completely based on both your destination choice, whether you have selected a completely all inclusive vacation, or want to go “all out” while on your trip. We certainly recommend not less than $300 USD for any 5 to 7 day vacation. Bear in Read More
How much baggage or luggage is allowed?
Airlines allow each traveler to bring up to 2 pieces of baggage for check in, and they charge per baggage. Each measuring no more than 62 inches for a maximum of 44 lbs. per piece of luggage, plus one carry-on bag that can fit in the overhead bin. If you go over your weight allowed, … Read More
Do I need a passport to travel?
If traveling outside of the United States, yes you do. Apply EARLY to make sure you have no issues with delays. NOTE: Inertia Tours can expedite your passport for an additional fee in a little as 7 days start to finish. Contact us for details. Read More
What if I will be a minor (not 18 years old) at the time of my vacation?
The U.S. government requires students under the age of 18 traveling with us to provide a notarized letter from both your parents/legal guardians permitting you to travel outside the U.S. (Both parents must sign and the letter must be notarized even if they are separated or divorced – to find t Read More
What if I am not a citizen of the United States?
If you are not a U.S. citizen, it is your responsibility to contact your local consulate and secure the necessary documents needed to travel to your chosen destination – this can require some legwork, so start your research now. If you don’t bring the right documentation to the airport y Read More
Do I need any shots to travel out of the country?
Not for the destinations we offer you do not – however hepatitis shots are recommended for Mexico. Read More
What happens if I register now but I am late in paying for the trip?
If you are late paying for your trip after final payment you will probably be assessed a late fee and you could be cancelled. Call our office toll free 800 821 2176 for details Read More
What if I have to cancel or change my reservation? What is your refund policy?
We covered this earlier, but all payments & deposits with Inertia Tours are 100% non-refundable. Travel is not a refundable type of purchase. If you need to add more passengers, we of course do not charge you additional to do that. Read More
Can I transfer my reservation to someone else?
Usually you cannot do this. Call us though, and we’ll see if we can hook this up if it is possible. Read More
Does Inertia provide or assign roommates to us if we want?
The answer is…maybe. You’ll again need to call us if you’d like to investigate this option. Inertia does NOT find roommates for single/solo travelers. We find them creepy. Read More
How can I pay for my vacation?
Inertia Tours accepts personal checks, money orders, and cashiers’ checks, as well as Visa, MasterCard and Discover and PayPal (chad@inertiatours.com is our PayPal). You may make credit card payments on our website, or by calling our office toll free 800.821.2176. For checks, money orders, or Read More
About your parties & events, can I find out more?
One of the most common reasons our clients book vacations with us are our onsite parties and events that are available as part of our optional Red Carpet VIP Party Package. For our International destinations, we are small enough that we are able to combine with several other travel companies, all on Read More
Does Inertia Tours supply chaperones?
Sort of. We definitely aren’t doing bed checks, roll call, or babysitting anyone – we expect our travelers to act like responsible adults. Our American onsite staff are at key resort properties, staff our onsite offices, and are at EVERY Inertia Tours night event — we are on hand t Read More
How do I book a trip with Inertia Tours?
The process to book a trip is very easy, as there are several ways to accomplish this depending on what you are most comfortable with. At Inertia, we know some people want to talk to a real person, while others prefer to thoughtfully write their questions to us. Either method is perfectly fine with Read More

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